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The information about next event(Comic Treasure30) [English]

*** I tried to describe by English with my dumb skill. Please see below if you would like to read. ***


Hi, all. This post is summary of next event for fan-art books(Doujinshi).

We, Studio Realism(TM@mkII) will join to next event at 3rd Sep 2017 in INTEX OSAKA, Japan. “Comic Treasure30”. My number is ノ(no)-12ab in building 5.

I will distribute fan-art comic/novel books, iPhone cases and Smartphone decoration plate.


New item information is below. the information about ready made items is here(for past event).

The information about new released comic/novel books

We will release two new books. One is a novel, and another one is a comic.

    The meaning of TSUNDERE is here(Wikipedia). In the not near future, HATSUNE MIKU has a body like as android in the SF. MIKU is very common in that world and a lot of MIKU is living with her master.
    This story is focused on one MIKU. She is in the house but no master is there because he is in hospital by broken bones. MIKU is house-working with alone, and she said “Master is very fool.” Sample is here(Pixiv) but sorry for only Japanese.
  • [Comic] Project: MILKYWAY Codename: Sagittarius Preview Release 1 & Studio Realism Pre-10th ANNIVERSARY Info 300 yen
    This book contains a comic that is drafted. It is preview release of next comic. Next comic will have a name but not decided yet, then preview release version has a codename. “Sagittarius”.
    And also it has a another meaning. Next year will make 10th anniversary for Studio Realism. It is a memorial release. Sample is here(Pixiv) but sorry for also only Japanese.

The information about Smartphone decoration plate


It is a new item from us. Thin clear plate for putting between smartphone and clear case.  200 yen of one plate, 300 yen for one plate with clear case(one of iPhone 5/5s/SE or 6/6s or 7 or 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus).


We have some options, MIKU, TETO(KASANE TETO), GUMI(MEGUPPOID/GUMI) and HATSUNE MIKU Happy 10th Birthday edition.


We hope our product makes you happy.


コミトレ29(2017/01/15)参加情報まとめ (with Eng)

*** I tried to describe by English with my dumb skill. Please check below if you would like to read. ***

※ この投稿はコミトレ29の参加情報まとめです。詳細は各投稿をご確認ください。

Studio Realism(TM@mkII)は、2017/1/15(日)にインテックス大阪にて開催される、こみっく★トレジャー29 に参加いたします。ブースは5号館 ネ-33abです。



  • ボーカロイド同人誌新刊(「みっくみくに したいのに。 #3」)
  • 既刊同人誌各種
  • iPhone用ケース (iPhone7、6/6s、6 Plus/6s Plus、5/5s/SE)

既刊も含めた頒布同人誌に関する詳細は コミトレ29での同人誌頒布のご案内&お品書き でも記載しています。また、iPhone用ケースに関する詳細は コミトレ29でのiPhone7ケース頒布のご案内&お品書き でも記載しています。





Hi, all. This post is summary of next exhibition for fan-art books(Doujinshi).

We, Studio Realism(TM@mkII) will join to next exhibition at 15th Jan 2017 in INTEX OSAKA, Japan. “Comic Treasure29”. My number is ネ-33ab in building 5.

I will distribute fan-art books and iPhone cases.

ct29_menuForPixivThe information of new fan-art book is here. And the information of iPhone case is here.
iPhone cases are hand-made by me. The price of iPhone7 and iPhone5/5s/SE is 500 yen. Other models are 400 yen because these models will be finished to change the element.

Some of related information is linked above of this page. Please check it but sorry for written by only Japanese at some posts.


コミトレ29関連ネタ(新刊製本完了、ポスターつくりました) (with Eng)

*** I tried to describe by English with my dumb skill. Please check below if you would like to read. ***



みっくみくに したいのに。#3

無事新刊の製本が完了しました。ということで当日(1/15)にコミトレ29に持って行けそうです。よかったよかった。 詳細は過去の投稿をご覧ください








Hi all, I’m working for next exhibition, Comic Treasure 29. (Please see past post on this site if you haven’t known.)

This post is report for the progress. 🙂

The progress of new fan-art book(doujinshi) (Mikku miku ni shitainoni #3)

みっくみくに したいのに。#3

I already printed a new book. I can bring that to the exhibition!

Poster for next exhibition

ct29posterI created a poster that is information for new book. It will be shown on the my booth. The text was copied from book. The most biggest text means “Miku cannot make a song without her master, also master cannot, they need to live hand in hand.”

And… I prepared a few base cases of iPhone7. I’m printing new iPhone7 cases. The progress/information will be shown on this site or twitter. Please check it.

I will update this site/Twitter frequency until the next exhibition. See you next.  🙂

コミトレ29新刊(「みっくみくに したいのに。#3」)のご案内 (with Eng)

*** I tried to describe by English with my dumb skill. Please check below if you would like to read. ***




2017/01/15(日)にインテックス大阪で開催される こみっく★トレジャー29 にてStudio Realism(ネ-33ab)では、今回の新刊としてVOCALOID漫画本を頒布いたします。表紙カラー36pコピー本で頒布予定価格は300円です。


新刊は「みっくみくに したいのに。#3」です。前回、前々回に続いて、同じ世界観でのミク達の話となっています。






sitainoni3_sample_01 sitainoni3_sample_02 sitainoni3_sample_03 sitainoni3_sample_04 sitainoni3_sample_05 sitainoni3_sample_06 sitainoni3_sample_07 sitainoni3_sample_08




Hi, everyone. Happy new year 2017! I’m drawing a greeting picture but it isn’t finished yet…
BTW, today is a announcement for new fan-art book(doujinshi) for VOCALOID.

At Jan 15 2017, I will join a exhibition of fan-art book. This is Comic Treasure 29 on INTEX OSAKA in Osaka, Japan. I will distribute a new fan-art book. “Mikku miku ni sitainoni. #3”. It has 36 pages with color title page and the planned price is 300 yen. Samples are above. If you would like to see with English sub, please tell me because I will try to make it if I have a time. (But sorry for no commitment…)

Please send a mail to me or send a text to my Twitter if you have a question for my book or exhibition. 🙂
And if you haven’t seen the announcement for joining this exhibition, please see that.


コミトレ28ありがとうございました & コミトレ29参加のお知らせ (with Eng)

*** I tried to describe by English with my dumb skill. Please check below if you would like to read. ***



さて、ということで、来る2017/01/15(日)、インテックス大阪にて行われる こみっく☆トレジャー29 にも参加いたします。



コミトレ29では新刊として、「みっくみくに したいのに。 #3」(36ページ 表紙カラーのコピー本) を頒布する予定です。現在鋭意原稿作業中です。とりあえずアナウンスと共に、サンプル画像として1ページ目をぺたりしておきます。





Hi, everyone.  At first, sorry for non-updating after finished exhibition(Comic Treasure 28 at Sep 18 2016).
I would like to say thank to you about that exhibition, I got much experience from fan guys of Vocaloid. In each exhibition, I got a nice comment for my books and goods from them. It brings a power for me. Thanks again.

And, I will join a next exhibition at Jan 15 2017. It is Comic Treasure 29. (I don’t get a detail of information for that from organizer yet, then I don’t know the number of my booth right now.)

2%e3%82%b9%e3%83%9a%e3%83%bc%e3%82%b9(It is a my club picture for publishing to the catalog of exhibition. )

The category of my booth is same as before. VOCALOID. It means that I will distribute a new/existed fan-art book and goods.
New one’s name is “Mikku miku ni sitainoni. #3” If I describe a English title, it might “Miku wants to happy him with her song.” (I don’t know better translation from “Mikku miku” to “happy”. :-P)


(It is a sample page for new book. page 01)

Also I would like to create a new iPhone7 case. I’m preparing elements and time.

Last, I will update this site periodically, and after I got a detail of information from organizer, I will share it.

See you next time. Bye 🙂