The information about next event(Comic Treasure30) [English]

*** I tried to describe by English with my dumb skill. Please see below if you would like to read. ***


Hi, all. This post is summary of next event for fan-art books(Doujinshi).

We, Studio Realism(TM@mkII) will join to next event at 3rd Sep 2017 in INTEX OSAKA, Japan. “Comic Treasure30”. My number is ノ(no)-12ab in building 5.

I will distribute fan-art comic/novel books, iPhone cases and Smartphone decoration plate.


New item information is below. the information about ready made items is here(for past event).

The information about new released comic/novel books

We will release two new books. One is a novel, and another one is a comic.

    The meaning of TSUNDERE is here(Wikipedia). In the not near future, HATSUNE MIKU has a body like as android in the SF. MIKU is very common in that world and a lot of MIKU is living with her master.
    This story is focused on one MIKU. She is in the house but no master is there because he is in hospital by broken bones. MIKU is house-working with alone, and she said “Master is very fool.” Sample is here(Pixiv) but sorry for only Japanese.
  • [Comic] Project: MILKYWAY Codename: Sagittarius Preview Release 1 & Studio Realism Pre-10th ANNIVERSARY Info 300 yen
    This book contains a comic that is drafted. It is preview release of next comic. Next comic will have a name but not decided yet, then preview release version has a codename. “Sagittarius”.
    And also it has a another meaning. Next year will make 10th anniversary for Studio Realism. It is a memorial release. Sample is here(Pixiv) but sorry for also only Japanese.

The information about Smartphone decoration plate


It is a new item from us. Thin clear plate for putting between smartphone and clear case.  200 yen of one plate, 300 yen for one plate with clear case(one of iPhone 5/5s/SE or 6/6s or 7 or 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus).


We have some options, MIKU, TETO(KASANE TETO), GUMI(MEGUPPOID/GUMI) and HATSUNE MIKU Happy 10th Birthday edition.


We hope our product makes you happy.



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